Billy Kidd's Concert Review: P!nk Soars To New Heights At AAC With New Hits And Killer Cover Of 'Smells Like Teen Spirit'

March 25, 2019

Photo Courtesy of Billy Kidd


Okay, so I was torn about which concert to see and put it up for a vote. It was between Winger and P!nk. You voted, and P!nk won by a pretty wide margin. So I headed to see her last night at the AAC and I’m glad I did!

Courtesy Of Billy Kidd

She opened the show with a recording of “Here I Go Again” by Whitesnake. One of my faves! Then the curtain dropped and the stage exploded with musicians, dancers, props and P!nk hanging from a giant chandelier singing “Get the Party Started.”

It seemed like a combination of musical theater and a music concert. P!nk soared through the air on a harness while she sang a combination of new songs and older favorites. How she can hang upside down and not miss a note is unbelievable. I wasn’t the only one impressed, the crowd was on it’s feet the entire time.

Courtesy Of Billy Kidd

A couple of songs featured duets. I was wondering how she was going to handle that. After all, I didn’t think Eminem was actually going to show up and sing with her. So she played a recording of Eminem’s part and brought out a huge inflatable of the rapper!

Another highlight is when P!nk told the audience to lose their minds and tore into a version of “Smells Like Teen Spirit.” Her voice is a killer combination of pop and rock. She totally pulled it off.

The night ended with an encore and that’s when P!nk flew across the entire audience farther than she had all night.

Courtesy Of Billy Kidd

It was a cool end to a really fun and impressive concert.