Flying In The Middle Seat Is About To Become Much More Tolerable

A Colorado Based Company Has Created A New Design Giving The Middle Seta More Room

July 19, 2019

Nobody wants to be stuck in the middle seat on a long flight. Being crammed in between two other people on an airplane is awkward and uncomfortable for everybody. That’s why a new company is looking to change the comfort of the middle seat with a new design.

Colorado based Molon Labe has come up with a new seating row for plane called the S1 seat. The S1 seat moves the middle set back three inches, and two inches lower than the other seats on each side. The staggered layout creates a middle seat that can be up to five inches more wide than the standard.

Founder and CEO of Molon Labe, Hank Scott, says he hopes this new design entices more people to the middle seat, if not make people more willing to switch. “Flying sucks, we’re trying to make it suck less,” said Scott.

Almost everybody has a flying horror story, and it usually involves being stuck in the middle seat. Luckily, Molon Labe is looking to change that, as the FAA has certified the S1 seat for commercial flight. While it still isn’t the best option, the S1 seat will definitely make flying in the middle seat more bearable.

Via Wired