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This Might Be The Worst First Pitch Ever Thrown

May 29, 2019

Move over 50 Cent, the title of worst first pitch ever might go to this lady. 

There are a few moments in your life you don’t want to mess up; the moment the clerk at the DMV takes your driver's license picture, or the one time you get to throw out the ceremonial first pitch at a baseball game. 

On Tuesday night, a Chicago White Sox employee of the month was given the opportunity to throw out the first pitch. No, the ball didn’t cross home plate, it ended hitting the staff photographer. Check out the video below

Commentator Chuck Garfien spoke with the photographer Darren Georgia; according to him he was just shocked that it happened. "I honestly didn't even see it coming," Georgia said. "I took the photo and it just hit the camera. It didn't hit my head. The camera is OK. I'm OK. I'm just shocked."

Check out the photo he took down below. The ball was coming straight for him and the camera. 

Via: Yahoo