Fry Dipping Into Mayonnaise

Photo By Getty Images

Canadien Hockey Fans Spotted At Stars Game Eating Mayonnaise Straight From The Tub

The couple brought their very own tub of Mayo to the game

November 6, 2019

Last weekend, the Dallas Stars took on the Montreal Canadiens at the American Airlines Center. 

The stands were well divided between Stars and Canadien fans. Throughout the game the video board featured fans from both sides, at one point the camera guy spotted two Montreal Canadien fans eating Mayonnaise. 

This wasn’t one of those mayonnaise packets you pick up from the concession stand. The couple brought their own giant tub of mayo to the game. 

Video from the game shows the couple dipping their French fries in the tub, the woman holding the mayo can be seen using a spoon and eating straight from the tub like it’s a totally normal thing to do.

The couple didn’t know they were on the video board and continued to eat from the tub until the fans below pointed it out to them. Check out the bizarre video below.

Via: Narcity