Cardi B

Photo by Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images

Rapper Cardi B Has Been Indicted By A Grand Jury

June 21, 2019

Last August a brawl broke out at a New York strip club. Soon after, a video emerged of rapper Cardi B throwing an ice bucket during the fight.

According to TMZ, Cardi B surrendered to police in October and was initially charged with assault and reckless endangerment; that has since changed.

Now a New York grand jury has indicted Cardi B on unspecified charges. The nature of the charges could not be confirmed but will be revealed when Cardi is arraigned in court on Tuesday. 

Bartenders at the strip club, Baddie Gi and Jade claim that Cardi ordered an attack on them because she believed one of them had an affair with her husband Offset. The sisters say that members of Cardi B’s entourage threw bottles, chairs, and hookahs at them during the brawl.

Cardi B has been in and out of court for the past couple of months for her connection to the New York strip club brawl. In May, she turned down a plea deal that would have kept her out of jail. 

Via: NBC News