Photo Credit: J. Miles Cary/News Sentinel

Photo Credit: J. Miles Cary/News Sentinel

You Can Now Buy Willie Nelson's Cannabis Coffee In Texas

And, yes, it's legal.

February 9, 2019

It's the morning high you may not have expected.

Willie Nelson has new line of coffee out called, "Willie's Remedy."

In case you hadn't heard (really?), Willie Nelson is fond of marijuana.  And if you need proof, look no further than his line of CBD products (he got into the pot business back in 2015).  By the way, CBD (cannabidiol) is a derivative of hemp: said to offer health benefits.  Willie's Remedy gives you get 7 milligrams of CBD in each 8-ounce cup of coffee.

You can now buy Willie's Remedy for $36 a bag here in Texas (just click here for details).  And in case you're worried, it is legal.

Source: GuideLive

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