Britney Spears

(Photo by F. Sadou/AdMedia)

Britney Spears Picks A Wedgie While Jet Skiing In Florida

June 7, 2018

Oh to be the paparazzi in charge of catching celebs in their most human moments. Yes, we all pick wedgies from time to time. 

Britney Spears, while vacationing with her boys in Florida, went out on a jet ski for a little fun. However, she very quickly learned that swimsuits and jet skis just don't mix.

Now, if you've ever been of a jet ski in a bikini, then you know...the faster you go, the further your bottoms creep up. And there's no stopping it. It's inevitable.

So yeah, Miss Spears had a big ole wedgie. Naturally, some creepy photographer was there to capture the pick.

So she picked a wedgie. Big deal. She should be proud of that booty!