Jon Bon Jovi

Photo by Joe Russo/imageSPACE

Jon Bon Jovi’s Restaurant Is Offering Free Meals To Furloughed Government Employees

January 21, 2019

Several small businesses have been stepping up to help government employees during the shutdown, including rock star Jon Bon Jovi. 

His restaurant JBJ Soul Kitchen and charitable organization the Murphy Foundation have teamed up to serve furloughed government employees and their families for free today between 12PM-2PM. The 80’s rocker made the announcement Saturday, on the restaurants Facebook page. 

“Since founding the Soul Kitchen, we wanted to ensure that anyone struggling with food insecurity had a place to go. This Monday, we will be open for lunch as a way to create a place of support and resources for furloughed federal workers, many of whom are our friends and neighbors.”

“In line with our mission, Federal workers are encouraged to join us for a delicious meal and to learn about additional support and resources available in our community.”

The JBJ Soul Kitchen typically serves customers who can’t afford a decent meal. The restaurant accepts donations from customers or allows them to pay for their meal by helping out and bussing tables. Volunteers can also help pay it forward by purchasing another’s meal for them.

This rock star sure has class. 

Via: CBS News