Bobbie Brown Says She Embraces Being Known For Cherry Pie Video

Listen to the entire interview with Billy Kidd!

September 5, 2019

Billy Kidd had a phone chat with Bobbie Brown spokesmodel contestant on the TV show Star Search, catapulted to fame as the girl in Warrant's Cherry Pie music video!

Bobbie discusses her recently published, second memoir "Cherry On Top," and says there's always more to come. "I even have a part three if need be."

Listen to Bobbie as she walks us down memory lane and talks about her ex Janie Lane of the rock band Warrant, addiction, drug use and recovery.

When asked if she likes or hates the fact Bobbie is mostly known for the Cherry Pie video she said, "There was a time of my life where I was kind of like 'oh god, enough already! but then I got to the point where I just embraced it because that's literally how people know who I am and if I'm trying to have any longevity in this career or in any way I have to embrace that. And I do."

Listen to the entire podcast interview below: