Matt Winkelmeyer / Staff

A ‘Breaking Bad’ Movie Has Already Been Filmed According To Bob Odenkirk

The ‘Better Call Saul’ Star Said It Was Filmed Without Anyone knowing

August 23, 2019

It seems ever since ‘Breaking Bad’ ended, rumors of a bringing it back, or a possible movie, have been floating around. Now, one of the show’s stars has sparked rumors once again, claiming the movie has already been filmed. Bob Odenkirk, who stars in the ‘Breaking Bad’ spinoff, ‘Better Call Saul,’ said the movie is already finished, and was filmed in secret.

Stars of the hit show ‘Breaking Bad’ have been teasing fans about a possible return, but Bob Odenkirk may have made the news official. Speaking about the hit show’s potential future Odenkirk said, “I’ve heard so many different things about it, but I am excited about the Breaking Bad movie. I can’t wait to see it…I don’t know what people know and don’t know.” Though he didn’t give any details about the plot, the star of ‘Better Call Saul’ said he was surprised no one knew it was shot already.

While nothing is official yet, reports state the ‘Breaking Bad’ movie will follow the Jesse Pinkman character following the events of the series finale. The movie will be a joint venture between AMC and Netflix, with it originally airing on AMC in parts, in then in full on Netflix. Whether this is true, or just rumors, fans are already gearing up for their favorite show to return.

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