[Video] Black Bear Breaks Into Women’s Bathroom At Hotel In Montana

Buck’s T-4 Lodge And Restaurant Is Adjacent To A National Forest

September 4, 2019

Most hotels located near forests know how to keep bears away from the property, but when a bear manages to break in, and gets stuck in the bathroom, there isn’t exactly protocol on how to handle that. Hotel employees in Montana were left in shock when they realized a bear was stuck inside the women’s bathroom. The bear managed to sneak in through the bathroom window.

Buck’s T-4 Lodge and Restaurant, which is located adjacent to a national forest in Montana, had an unexpected guest pop up in their bathroom over the weekend. When two hotel employees noticed a black bear standing outside, near the women’s restroom, they figured they’d go outside to check out the situation. When they got there, the bear was gone, but the bathroom window had been opened. Luckily, no one was inside the bathroom at the time.

It seemed the bear was perfectly fine with hanging out in the bathroom, so the hotel called Fish, Wildlife & Parks to remove the animal. However, they only person who could remove the bear was hours away, so hotel employees had to wait it out. Luckily, the bear was eventually removed, and no one was harmed. If anything, the hotel employees were happy to witness the once in a lifetime experience of a bear breaking into a hotel bathroom.

Via Fox News