John Deacon, Freddie Mercury, Roger Taylor and Brian May

Photo by Keystone/Getty Images

Freddie Mercury Once Said John Deacon Saved Queen From Complete Ruin

November 7, 2019

Former assistant, Peter Freestone said in his tell-all book that Freddie Mercury always held bassist John Deacon in high regard. 

The Queen bassist always shied away from the spotlight but was always a huge part of the group. In the band's early days, they signed a contract with Trident management. Freddie said Queen had songs on the top of the charts, but everyone was still broke. 

“We had best-selling albums but we were still loving in crummy basement flats on fifty pounds a week."

That’s when Deacon took a look at the contract and asked for an advancement to buy a house but was denied. Deacon then broke the contract and the band left Trident management in 1975. 

Later that year the band would produce their hit album ‘A Night At The Opera’ under new management. After that Deacon would keep an eye on the band's financial records. Freddie said that John may be quiet but had a “fiery streak”. 

"John Deacon kept a very close eye on all our business affairs. He knew everything that should and shouldn't be going on. If God had forsaken us, the rest of the group wouldn't do anything unless John said it was alright. He's sort of quiet, lots of people think that but don't underestimate him, he's got a fiery streak under all that."

John Deacon left the band after Freddie’s death; Brian May and Roger Taylor still seek John's approval on any new Queen projects to this day. 

Via: Mirror UK