Amazon's New Service Will Deliver Packages to the Trunk of Your Car

April 24, 2018

Amazon pushed the limits of trust a while back when the company rolled out its in-home delivery service that allows employees to drop off packages inside your home. The idea behind that service, much like this new service, is package theft prevention. Amazon just announced it will now deliver packages to the trunk of your car all using its Amazon Key app. By going through the app, this service comes as no cost for consumers who are Prime members.

The service launched Tuesday morning in 37 cities to start. Here's how it works: when placing an order there will be an in-car delivery option. From there, a driver will deliver the product to the address of where the car will be located at that time. This could be at your work, a parking lot, or someone else's place. Once the car is located it can be opened using the Amazon Key app. The package is placed inside the trunk and the car is locked again using the app. 

While some have noted the convenience of this new service, others have expressed concern.