Fleetwood Mac Pull Out Of Music Festival Due To Stevie Nicks Illness

Fleetwood Mac Had Been Named Replacement Headliner After The Rolling Stones Pulled Out

April 8, 2019

The New Orleans Jazz Fest is scrambling for a new headliner once again. Just days after replacing the Rolling Stones as headliners, Fleetwood Mac has now backed out of the music festival as well.

Fleetwood Mac had to cancel their appearance as singer Stevie Nicks recovers from a recent battle with the flu. The band was named as the replacement for the Rolling Stones after they had to back out due to Mick Jagger’s heart surgery.

Due to Stevie Nick’s illness, Fleetwood Mac has had to postpone recent shows in Boston and Philadelphia, and have now announced their remaining four shows, will bill rescheduled as well. Fans were upset when the news broke, but that didn’t stop them from turning to social media to suggest possible replacements.

In a statement made by Fleetwood Mac, the band said, “We are having more fun than ever on this current tour, but as we all know, touring life comes with its challenges.” Hopefully Stevie Nicks recovers soon, and can get back on the road. Until then, Jazz Fest will just have to hope their next choice doesn’t come down with something last minute.