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Actress Charged With Murder One Day After Filming Movie Where She Plays A Murderer

November 11, 2019

This is just a little ironic. 

The day after wrapping up production on a horror movie, the actress who portrayed the murderer was arrested for murder. 

Over the weekend, 30-year-old actress Aisling Tucker Moore-Reed was charged with the 2016 murder of her uncle. Moore-Reed had been out on bail when she was cast in the low budget horror movie titled ‘From the Dark’. 

According to film producers, they had no idea their lead actress was a suspect in an ongoing murder investigation. A spokesperson for the film said due to the budget of the film, background checks were not done. 

“Due to the movie being so low budget, and it being our first venture, we did not do background checks. If we ever do a movie again in the future, any one of us … we now know that a background check will save us. Lesson learned, no matter how little money we have, this will save the headache.”

After new video evidence was shown to a grand jury that was previously unknown to authorities, Moore-Reed was charged with murder. 

The movie is described as, "A thriller about a young woman's last day of work at a lodge in the isolated mountains of Oregon."

Via: NME