95 Year Old WWII Vet To Walk Across America For The Second Time

Ernie Andrus Began His Journey From Georgia To California In March

July 5, 2019

95 year-old Ernie Andrus is trying to accomplish something many much younger than him wouldn’t even attempt. The World War II vet is attempting to walk across the country, from Georgia to California. What’s even more impressive, this is the second time he’s doing it.

Ernie Andrus’ first attempt to walk across the country came in 2010. It took him 2 years and 10 months, before finishing the 2,361 mile journey one day after his 93rd birthday. “I could never turn down the chance for an adventure,” said Andrus.

Now, Andrus is on his second trek across America, as he celebrated the Fourth of July with a slow run through Monticello, Florida. He began his journey in March, starting in Georgia's St. Simons Island, and has already recorded 175 miles.

While Andrus has many reasons for his exciting journey, he says he will be raising money to sail a restored WWII tanker to Normandy to honor D-Day. Ernie Andrus expects to run 13 miles a day through any conditions, and says it should take about five years. “If I make it all the way, I'll be about 100 years old, and if a 100-year-old man can run coast to coast, the Navy can give us some help," said Andrus.