9-Year-Old Nails John Lennon's Imagine For The School Talent Show

June 4, 2018

Ok, we've got not one, but two awesome kid stories to end the school year with...

You may have seen the video, of 5-year-old Asher Bales serving as the official classroom greeter of the day - and loving every minute of the job. More than 12-million views later, Asher is now internet famous - which is quite something for a little boy with a serious medical condition.

Fact is when Asher started school last fall, he didn't like to be touched - and rarely ever spoke. What changed? Well, that's the fun part.

Then there's the 9-year-old who totally nailed John Lennon's Imagine. Mom caught Adam Kornowski's rendition at a school assembly, including the standing ovation he received at the end - and the Minnesota boy's performance has now been viewed more than 7-million times.

What a great way to close out the school year.