82-Year-Old Grand Prairie Native Votes For The First Time, Dies Days After

November 6, 2018

Gracie Lou Phillips, 82, of Grand Prairie voted for the first time during early voting, then died a few days later. 

Phillips had never voted in any election since she says her voice was never heard, according to the family.

The great-grandmother's son-in-law, Jeff Griffith, changed her mind and went ahead to register to vote before falling ill.

Griffith took Phillips to a local polling place where she stayed in the car. The poll workers came to where she was with a pen and paper and casted her ballot then. The workers cheered and she received a sourvenir pen and a sticker.

"I voted today," she says. 

As the days progressed, so did her illness. She died a few days later surrounded by her family.

It's never too late to go vote!


via New York Post