Ambulance on the freeway

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Texas Man Stole An Ambulance, Used It To Stop For Fried Chicken & Cigarettes

July 26, 2019

Some times you just can’t help but go out for a midnight snack when that craving hits you. One man in Houston got really desperate when the urge for KFC and cigarettes came over him. 

On Thursday morning police received a call about a stolen ambulance. A man in his 60’s who was a former patient at the Cypress Creek Hospital in Harris County saw that the ambulance was running with no one inside and drove off. 

When police finally tracked him down, he simply told the officers that he needed a ride and some cigarettes. When police searched the ambulance they found that he stopped for more than just cigarettes and discovered a bag of fried chicken and some Doritos. 

The man's joy ride included a stop at a few stores for some cigarettes and a drink and KFC for a late-night snack. He is now in jail and being charged with unauthorized use of a motor vehicle.

Via: Houston Chronicle