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Airport Security Confiscates A Childs Stuffed Animal

November 13, 2018

When you take your child on an airplane it can be a little scary for them. They might even bring their favorite stuffed animal along to make them feel a little safer. 

Not at this airport. 

A Mom and her son were about to go through the security checkpoint at the airport in Johannesburg when they were told that the boys’ stuffed snake would be confiscated.

The 5-year-old boy had just been given the stuffed animal as a birthday present from his grandmother last week. 

The boys’ mother Nicole Fritz, tweeted out a picture of the plush animal and said that security told them that it was a replica and wouldn't be allowed on the plane. "The justification from @Airports_ZA is that it is a replica but as you can tell only a half-wit would mistake it for the real thing. It looks only like what it is – a child’s plush toy."

Fritz told the Sunday Times, that her son was just wearing it around his neck when they approached the security checkpoint. Fritz says that they gave her the option to throw the toy away or check it, but that there was very little time for them to even make it to their gate.

Via: USA Today