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10 High School Students Suspended After Running Across The Football Field Naked

December 5, 2018

Maybe they all did it on a dare; maybe they just wanted to have a good laugh and have fun. Either way, it’s just weird running naked with your best friends for 100 yards, with Oreos in-between your butt cheeks. 

Ten football players at Byron High School in Illinois were suspended for indecent exposure after they pulled what was probably their senior prank. The football players participated in what is called the “Oreo Run”. 

For those of you scratching your head and asking “what’s the Oreo run?” Well, it’s where participants race a predetermined distance with Oreo cookies wedged between their buttocks. In this case, the students ran across their football field. 

You can bet it was pretty cold outside when the players participated in the run, as it occurred on October 26th, school officials didn’t learn of the player's little stunt until November 8th.

School administrators conducted an investigation to see whether or not this stunt was related to hazing. Turns out all the players who took part in the Oreo Run, all did so voluntarily. 

All ten-football players missed out on three games, all of which were playoff games and the Class 3A state championship. The team’s only loss this season was the championship game. 

Maybe this will teach students not to participate in such weird stunts, especially before the playoffs.