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10 Facts About The Beastie Boys “Sabotage” Music Video

Unknown stories over making the video

October 21, 2019

Beastie Boys made an amazing music video back in 1994, for the song “Sabotage” one of the greatest music videos in history.  Yet, there is a lot of unknown facts over this historic and legendary music video.

1.      It began with a photo shoot

Spike Jonze photographed the Beastie Boys for Dirt Magazine in early 1990’s.  Adam Horovitz had been talking about “doing a photo shoot as undercover cops, wearing ties and fake mustaches, sitting in a car like we were on stake out.”  Jonze was intrigued by the idea that he jumped on board.


2.      Spike Jonze filmed “Sabotage” without a permit

The Boys wanted to stay in a low budget.  They asked Jonze to hire assistants and run the production out of a van.  “We ran around L.A. without any permits.”


3.      The Beastie Boys did their own driving stunts

For Inspiration they watched tapes of The Streets of San Francisco and 70’s cop shows.  “We bought a car that was about to die,” Mike D told vanity Fair.  “We drove the car ourselves. We almost killed the car, but didn’t come close to killing ourselves.”


4.      “Sabotage” Inspired the opening sequence of Trainspotting

The 1996 film Trainspotting opened with Ewan McGregor and his buddies running through the streets of Edinburgh to “Lust of Life” by Iggy Pop, was inspired by “Sabotage”


5.      There were two damaged cameras in the filming of “Sabotage”

“Sabotage” was targeted to be a low-budget production.  Unfortunately for Jonze his damaged camera equipment ended up being three times more expensive than the cost of the video. He destroyed a camera by using a Ziploc bag to do an underwater shot, and one camera fell out of the window.


6.      MCA crashed the stage for the MTV Video Music Awards to protest “Sabotage” being shut down

At the 1994 MTV VMA’s, “Sabotage was nominated for five awards, including video of the year, but lost all five categories.  When R.E.M. was announced as the winner MCA invaded the stage.


7.      There is “Sabotage” comic book that can be downloaded for free

After MCA passed way in 2012, Derek Langille created a seven-page “Sabotage” comic book in tribute it the musician/filmmaker. 


8.      There is also a “Sabotage” novel

In honor of “Sabotage” 25th anniversary, Jeff Gomez wrote a five act novel inspired by the video.


 9.      There is even a “Sabotage” Sesame Street Mashup

Adam Schleichkorn, created “Sesametage,” a reimagining of “Sabotage” with edited parts of Sesame Street characters and scenes.


10.  “Sabotage” almost became a movie

Jonze and the Boys had such a great time making “Sabotage” they wrote a script for a film, called “We Can Do This.”  The movie never happened.  MCA was going to play two roles, one of his “Sabotage “character and the other was the director who sabotaged the 1994 MTV VMA’s protest.


Via: Mental Floss