Today Is National Beer Day, Here Are The Best Ways To Celebrate

Though Not An Official National Holiday, Many Consider April 7th National Beer Day

April 7, 2019

Looking for a good excuse to go out and have some fun on a Sunday? Luckily, some consider today to be National Beer Day, which means there are plenty of alcohol deals around to enhance your Sunday fun day. National Beer Day may not be recognized as an official national holiday, but that doesn’t stop beer enthusiasts from celebrating their day every April 7th.

National Beer Day first started back in 2009, but the roots of the day go back 86 years. April 7th marks the day in which a new federal law allowed beer containing less than 3.2% alcohol to be sold. This was the first legal alcohol allowed since the prohibition era.

Of course, the holiday has grown in the last few years, as there are now social media pages dedicated to the holiday, and a number of bars and beer companies giving customers deals to celebrate. Some of the biggest names, from Bud Light to Lyft, along with local pubs and breweries, will be dishing out deals for cold brews all day.

National Beer Day is growing, as just last year it became the fifth largest sales day for local bars. With deals all over town, National Beer Day should attract more beer drinkers than ever before. Even if it’s not an official national holiday, beer drinkers everywhere will be out celebrating today.

Via USA Today