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(Photo by Brian Zak/Sipa Press /gucci_bz.019/0802081840)

Would You Pay $1,600 For These Hideous Bejeweled Gucci Sneakers?

August 12, 2018

Gucci claims to be on the forefront of the fashion scene, but we'd like to ask a few questions about these shoes they've just offered for sale.

The Journey Jewel Embellished Sneaker was just listed for pre-order, and it is exactly how it sounds.  It's a rather chunky-looking sneaker absolutely smothered and covered with jewels.  The shoe has a massive sole, silver grommets, and puffy padding around the ankle, and highlights a removable crisscross strap studded with giant, sparkling crystals.  The asking price?  $1,590!  You get free shipping though.

It's available in two different color styles, a " rather clownish brown, blue, and red, and simple white and gold combo.  The shoes begin shipping around November, and you can preorder them HERE!

Via New York Post