Bear Walking

Photo By: Dreamstime

Video Shows A Bear Opening The Door To The Highway Patrol Office And Walking In

November 26, 2018

Pretty sure no one was expecting a bear to walk into the office that day. 

Earlier this month the California Highway Patrol Donner Pass Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Facility in Truckee had an unexpected visitor. A full-grown bear managed to open the door to the building and let itself in. 

Security cameras managed to record footage the bear entering and leaving the facility. 

Video of the bear was posted on Facebook by the California Highway Patrol Donner Pass office. The footage shows the bear taking a peek inside through the window, then getting up on its hind legs and turning the door handle like a human walking in. 

The bear takes a look at the vending machines and is then seen in the reflection walking down the hall.  

The bear strolls on back to open the same door it entered through and walks right out. The end of the video shows two armed officers following the bear. 

You know, just another day at the California Highway Patrol office. Check out the video below.