black bear in the woods


A Bear Entered The Lobby Of The Stanley Hotel

August 25, 2018

The Stanley Hotel in Estes, Colorado has had many guests over the years and has been featured in several movies and TV shows. 

On Wednesday night the front desk clerk encountered a guest who didn't have a reservation. A black bear had managed to open the doors and walked right through the lobby. 

Reed Rowley, the general manager at the Stanley Hotel tells CBS Denver that no guests were in the lobby at the time and that the bear only made a brief appearance. “The bears up here are super clever and once in a while, they do figure out a way to poke their heads in. It’s part of being in the Rocky Mountains, we do have a hotel next to a National Park… wildlife is part of the gig.”

Rowley said that the bear was very afraid of humans and that they shooed him away very easily.  

Check out the footage the front desk clerk took of the bear hanging around the lobby.