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Banksy Mural In Port Talbot Gets Increased Security After Drunk Individual Tried To Deface The Artwork

Actor Michael Sheen Helped Contribute To Security

December 24, 2018

Street art, such as graffiti, has gained recognition over the last decade. Where the often illegal art form was frowned upon for years, artist acclaim has helped the form become more accepted. That’s why a piece of art by famed artist Banksy in Port Talbot, Wales is being protected by security.

After an intoxicated person tried to deface the recently commissioned piece of art, security has been stepped up around the surrounding area. A security guard chased off the culprit, but not until after he tried to pull down the recently placed plastic screen protective the artwork. Extra security guards have now been ordered to protect the piece known as ‘Season’s Greeting.’

Gary Owen, who reached out to Banksy in August about painting a piece in Port Talbot, wrote about the incident on the local Facebook page he runs. In his statement, Gary wrote, “Some drunk halfwit has tried to pull the fencing down and the protection glazing at the Banksy artwork tonight, the security guard chased him off and police were called.” Actor Michael Sheen, who admired the work helped to finance the security for the piece of art. He helped pay for the cost of the screen, along with helping to pay for security.

The piece has been confirmed by Banksy to be one of his own. While many of Banksy’s pieces have been controversial, and taken down by cities, Port Talbot was happy to receive the artwork. It has attracted many to the location since being reveled last week. The piece shows a young boy trying to catch snowflakes with his tongue, but the other side of the wall reveals, the snowflakes are actually ashes from a fire.

While for years this art form was frowned upon, and cost cities money to cover up, it is now finally starting to be accepted. In many ways it helps the city in which the art is placed. In his Facebook post, Gary Owen writes, “This art is for Port Talbot, Neath and surrounding areas. We do not want it wrecked. Please share. Thanks all.” Hopefully for this piece of art, it can go without destruction for years to come.

Via BBC News