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(Photo by Laura Farr/AdMedia)

Backstreet Boys Concert At WinStar Canceled After Entrance Beams Fall, Injure 14

August 19, 2018

Before the Backstreet Boys even took the stage at WinStar World Casino and Resort last night, a storm halted the event, destroyed part of the venue, injuring 14 people in the process.

Concert officials noticed lighting near the outdoor venue around 5pm yesterday afternoon.  As a precaution, they asked all attendees to leave the area, and seek shelter indoors.  However, there were around 150 or so people who did not take the warnings seriously, and continued to wait outside the entrance.  As they were waiting, the storm knocked over the concert entrance trusses, right where the patrons were standing to enter the show.  14 people were injured and treated onsite for various injuries before being transferred to area hospitals. 

WinStar ended up postponing the concert, and released an official statement on the matter saying, "All patrons in the area were asked to move and to seek shelter from the storm.  However, about 150 patrons who were standing in line for the Backstreet Boys concert did not heed staff's warnings.  We know that fans often suffer through inclement weather for their favorite acts, but this was an unusual event and our thoughts are with those who were injured during this storm."

WinStar promised to bring the Backstreet Boys back soon, and will honor all the tickets sold for the original event.

Via Fox News