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7th Grader With Autism Gets A Perfect Score On The Math STAAR Test

July 6, 2018

Not all of us like math, but Cade Elias from Frisco, Texas loves it.

Cade loves three things, video games, sushi, and math. When Cade was two-years-old he was diagnosed with autism and would struggle with speaking in full sentences.

Now at age 13, he is one of the brightest students. So much so that he earned a perfect score on the math STAAR test. Cade's mom, Renee, told WFAA that she nearly fell out of her chair when she read his results. “I did. I just about fell out of my chair.”

Cade was a little shocked when his mom told him what he scored, “I said ‘You got a perfect score on the math STAAR test.’ And he said, ‘What?!” Cade told WFAA that he didn't think the test was that tough. “Some parts were hard but most of it was easy.”

According to Frisco ISD, 4,677 seventh graders took the math portion of the STAAR and only five percent, 235 students, got 100-percent of the questions right.

Congratulations Cade.