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Man Builds $4K Statue Of Hand Giving The Finger To His Town

December 11, 2018

Let's be honest.  We've all been pretty angry at something or someone at some point in our lives.  And sometimes, depending on who you are of course, we've either acted out or just let it sit inside us until figuring out the perfect revenge. 

And revenge is what one man got in Westford, Vermont. 

That revenge came in the form of a $4K statue of a hand flipping the bird to the entire town. 

Ted Pelkey wanted to build a garage on his property so that he could work on his truck and recycle while at home instead of driving to another city every day.  Now to most that seems like a pretty reasonable request.  However his battle for the approval has gone on for years.  Unfortunately, Ted kept being told no every time.  

So after the most recent request denial, Ted finally had enough.  That's when he built the 700 pound statue.  And to make sure they understand how he really feels, Ted had it installed on a 16 foot pole with floodlights so that it can be seen day or night.  

Naturally Ted expected for the statue to be taken down, but it just so happens that the giant hand is considered as public art and not as a billboard.  Which means the hand is protected by the 1st Amendment and considered free speech!  

When Ted was asked how he felt about the ruling he said, “Most wonderful thing I’ve ever been told in my life.”

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