Your Reason For Loving Dogs Is Genetic

May 20, 2019

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Whether or not if you love dogs, it may be all genetic, scientists says.

According to a study by British and Swedish scientists, they investigated 35,035 pairs of twins for this research. Usually, twins are either identical and share the entire genome, or non-identical and share half the genome.

After researching, they found out that if one of the identical twins owns a dog, more than likely the other twin will own one too. As for the non-identical twins, they're less likely to own dogs.

Another factor that determines owning a dog, is for the twins to live in a shared environment with a dog during early adulthood.

"We found that additive genetic factors largely contributed to dog ownership, with heritability estimated at 57 per cent for females and 51 per cent for males," the research states.

The study does  "at least demonstrate for the first time that genetics and environment play about equal roles in determining dog ownership," says Patrick Magnusson, senior author and professor of epidemiology at Karolinka Insitutet. 

"The next obvious step is to try to identify which genetic variants affect this choice and how they relate to personality traits and other factors such as allergy," he adds.


via Independent