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Woman Saves Man’s Life By Reciting Linkin Park Lyrics

An Orlando Woman Used Lyrics To ‘One More Light’ To Convince Man To Get Off Bridge

August 26, 2019

Song lyrics can be extremely powerful, and even have the ability to save lives. That’s exactly what happened in Orlando, Florida recently when a woman used Linkin Park lyrics to save a man’s life. After noticing a man sitting on the side of a bridge, a woman used the lyrics to Linkin Park’s ‘One More Light’ to convince the man to get off the ledge.

Healthcare worker Christina Settanni was driving on State Road 408 in Orlando when she noticed a man sitting on the side of a bridge. According to Settanni, “I didn’t really think about stopping, but I thought as I saw him in my rear-view, I probably should stop, especially since no one else did. I stopped because I’ve been where he is. So I know what it’s like. He needed somebody to show that somebody cared, and tell him he didn’t need to do that today.”

After quoting the lyrics to Linkin Park’s ‘One More Light’ the man decided to step down form the bridge. The interaction was caught on camera by a local police officer. After Link Park frontman, Chester Bennington died by suicide in 2017, their song has become an anthem for suicide protection. Now, it has saved another life, thanks to Christina Settanni.

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