David McNew / Stringer

Woman Turns Tree Stump Into Charming Little Free Library

November 20, 2019

For some people having a tree stump can be a pesky problem.  

But for this woman in Idaho, she decided to get a little creative with hers.  

Sharalee Armitage Howard had to deal with large branches falling out of her grand cottonwood tree for years.  One so large it even damaged her son's car.  

So it was time to cut it down.  However, she had grown rather attached to the tree so when it left a pretty big stump, she turned it into a library.  

Of course Howard never imagined it would gain this much attention.  

“I’m shocked at how many people I’ve heard from these past several months,” said Howard. “It’s really caught on, maybe because it crosses over into a lot of different passions: nature, books, libraries and people who just appreciate community projects.”  

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