What's Coming/Leaving On Netflix

July 27, 2018



July is coming to a close and that means which movies or TV shows will be coming to Netflix. Here are just a few shows and movies that will be coming and leaving in August:

Aug 1
Coming: Batman Begins, Gran Torino, Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King, Million Dollar Baby
Leaving: Finding Dory, Reasonable Doubt, The Killing: Seasons 1-3


Aug 2
Coming: Emelie
Leaving: 10 Rule for Sleeping Around


Aug 5
Leaving: 13 Assassins


Aug 11

No Country for Old Men


Aug 13
Alexander: The Ultimate Cut, The Nut Job


Aug 15
Adventures in Public School, Hostiles, The 100: Season 5


Aug 16
Coming: Evan Almighty
Leaving: The 40-Year-Old Virgin, Being Flynn


Aug 23
Leaving: Sausage Party


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