Couple at dinner

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Here's a Clever Way To Solve The "Where Are We Going For Dinner" Debate

What a brilliant creation

November 12, 2019

Jared Baker and his father have a dynamic relationship. His dad Jerry, is like most fathers that will try anything to help their children solve their problems.

Well Jerry might get the “Father of the Year Award,” because he literally came up with a “new spin” on how to solve Jared’s problem when it comes to deciding and figuring out where to take girlfriend to dinner.

Check out his clever invention.

He printed all the restaurants they enjoy eating at and made it a “wheel of food.”

Both father and son posted the retake on the children’s toy that was turned into the answer for all indecisive couples that cannot choose where to dine in.

The Baker men are really getting a kick out of how quickly their idea has gone viral. Now who else wants or needs one too?

Via: Buzzfeed