Watch For Ed Sheeran Cameo In 'Modern Love'

Ed Sheeran has another cameo

October 22, 2019

The new Amazon Prime show 'Modern Love' has many celebrities starring in the show including Anne Hathaway, Tina Fey, Andrew Scott, and many more.
Ed Sheeran will be apart of that cast for a little cameo.

This episode follows a couple having trouble adopting a baby when a pregnant woman who is homeless meets up with the couple and agrees to give them her baby.
As the women lives in the small New York Apartment with the couple the energy gets tense when she invites another homeless man to join them for dinner, that is when Ed Sheeran's character comes in. The couple is annoyed that she didn't ask permission to invite anyone over and no matter what the couple said Sheeran's character doesn't get the hint and hangs around.

This is one of many cameo's Ed Sheeran has done he seems to be getting into acting more and more I wonder what else he will star in next.

Via Bustle