[VIDEO] UT Arlington Demolishes Oldest Dorm On Campus

July 17, 2018




To those who attended or are attending the University of Texas at Arlington, you may see an empty space when you go back to school this coming semester.

The oldest dorm on campus, Brazos House, has been torn down after 82 years on campus.

As the demolition was occuring, both students and alumni had mixed emotions about the old dorm. Alumni who stayed at Brazos said they missed bunking beds and creating traditions that has kept going until today. 

Students who attend UTA says winter is usually brutal since it didn't have central heating. The building is old and hasn't been renovated and maitenance just can't keep up with the building anymore. 

They're planning to build another dorm due to the increase in enrollment at UTA.

What memories did you have when you lived in Brazos House?


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