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[VIDEO] Owner Fights Red-Tailed Hawk To Save Her Pet Yorkie

February 19, 2019

A Las Vegas woman saves her pet Yorkie after a red-tailed hawk tries to attack and grab the Yorkie.

The woman, Cecilia Celis, let her Yorkie, Lulu, out in the backyard and Celis closed the door. Little did she know, the hawk was watching until the moment of opportunity to attack Lulu.

"It waits a little and then it swoops on her," she says as she was watching the hawk through her security cameras. "It happened so fast. Like we just let them out and the bird swoops in, drags her and is like choking her, it stood on her," she says. "I was yelling at it, gett off my dog! Get off my dog!"

After her save, Lulu had been clawed in the neck, but she is doing fine.

Check out this crazy video above!


via FOX 4