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[VIDEO] NYC Man Rents Billboard To Apply At Disney

May 7, 2019

This NYC man rents out a billboard as a cover letter to apply for a job at Disney.

Brandon Fox, the man who rented the billboard, is trying to get the hire-ups attention, so he rents a billboard close to the entrance of Walt Disney World in Florida.

The billboard reads:

"Dear Walt Disney World Executives and HR, experienced EA/PA Professional seeking position as a WDW Assistant." He lists his phone number and email on the billboard.

Fox used to work for Disney as a character attendant and worked his way up in the chain. He moved to NYC back in 2012 but says he doesn't mind moving back to Florida for the Disney job.

A spokesperson for Walt Disney World says:

"We appreciate the creativity and encourage anyone interested in a role with us to apply at"

Fox says that it's "awesome that they acknowledged the billboard."


via New York Post