[Video] Japanese Zoo Performs Lion Escape Drill Using Man In Lion Costume

Japanese News Posted Video Of The Hilarious Drill At Tobe Zoological Park

June 24, 2019

A lion escaping from a zoo is a very serious situation, but when the lion escape drill involves a person in a lion costume, it’s hard to take it too seriously. A zoo in Japan recently went through their lion escape drill while visitors were in the park. Luckily someone captured video of the drill, and many are asking how does this prepare them for an actual lion?

The scene took place over the weekend at the Tobe Zoological Park in Ehime Prefecture, Japan. While normally a lion escape would be terrifying, a man in a lion costume can only lead to a good time. While normally these drills would take place when the park is closed, this drill was to prepare visitors as well.

The drill, which was to prepare for an emergency situation after an earthquake, saw visitors rushed away as zoo staff put up a net barrier to contain the lion, or in this case, a man in a lion costume. Even the actual lions seemed confused when the man in the lion costume was captured.

While many found the video humorous, the Tobe Zoo wanted to make sure their staff is fully prepared for a lion escaping after an earthquake. The man in the lion costume was eventually tranquilized and captured. Luckily, no humans or animals were hurt during this drill.