[VIDEO] Florida Man Grabs McDonald's Employee, Fights Over Straw

January 2, 2019

A homeless man in Florida was arrested after assaulting two fast-food employees over a straw and attempting to rob a gas station down the road.

A customer recorded the fight through his cell phone at a McDonald's. He reached and grabbed the employee's collar and the young woman defends herself by throwing punches at the guy.

As the guy was escorted out of the property, the report mentions he kicked another employee in the stomach. 

A few moments later, police received a call about an unarmed robbery taking place at a gas station, then police recogznied the man in the footage and was arrested.

The 40-year-old man has two charges of battery under his name, the records indicate that he is homeless and appreared to be intoxicated.

Check the video above!


via FOX 4