Dog with a Tennis Ball

Photo By: Dreamstime

[VIDEO] This Dog Was Extremely Excited To Get Dozens Of Tennis Balls For Christmas

December 29, 2018

What did you get your kids for Christmas? Was it toys, a video game, and a new shirt? What did you get your dog for Christmas? Hopefully, it was a new bone from them to chew on. 

This dog mom got her fur baby a big box full of tennis balls.

Twitter user @radicalJulianna posted a video of her dog Stella receiving a Christmas present. You can see the joy on Stella’s face and how fast her tail is wagging when her owner dumps out all the tennis balls from the box. The video is hilarious as she tries to pick up every ball with her mouth, but there are just so many perfectly fresh tennis balls. She even posted a few pictures of Stella surrounded by her new toys. That the pooch sure looks happy. Check out the video below.

Stella’s video has been viewed more than three million times and has been re-tweeted more than 75,000 times. 

@radicalJulianna told Mashable that Stella likes to unwrap her own gifts on Christmas morning. "Christmas has always been Stella’s favorite holiday. She loves unwrapping her presents all by herself. Tennis balls are Stella’s favorite toy, and I wanted to see how she would react to so many of them at once! She’s 13 years old, but she does still act like a puppy and gets very excited."