'Deal Or No Deal' Contestant Blew Chance At $333,000 And The Internet Will Not Let Him Live It Down

Luis Green Had Two Briefcases Worth $750,000 And $5

December 4, 2018

Photographerlondon | Dreamstime.com

There’s nothing like watching someone have a chance at a small fortune, only to lose in horrible fashion live on television. That’s the basic premise of all cash prize based game shows, and ‘Deal or No Deal’ is no different. The show made its return to television last night, and the holiday special episode premiere did not disappoint.

Luis Green, a sales consultant from Jacksonville, FL, was the shows first contestant, and he made it clear from the start, he had no interest in hearing the banker’s offer. After turning down multiple six figure offers, Green was down to only two briefcases left. One of the cases was worth $750,000 and the other only worth $5.

After pleading from the crowd and his extended family, Luis Green went against their advice and listened to his wife, and took his chances, even with $333,000 on the table. While heartwarming stories are nice, this is not one of them, as luck was not on Luis Green’s side, and after screaming “No deal” it was revealed that the briefcase Green picked was indeed only worth $5.

Naturally, the internet wasn’t willing to come to his defense, and cheer up Luis Green after his devastating loss. No, instead the internet did what it does best, roast the poor man relentlessly.

While Luis Green won’t be going home with a large cash prize, the premiere didn’t disappoint, as there was drama leading all the way until the end. ‘Deal of No Deal’ is returning to television after nine years of being off air. The original show host, Howie Mandel, is returning in the same role. While the show is still the same, and even has some original models returning, the show will now run on CNBC starting December 5th. As for the holiday special premiere, that aired on NBC last night, Luis Green didn’t go home rich, but his mistake was plenty to enjoy for all the viewers.

Via Yahoo! Entertainment