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U.S. Patent Office Shuts Down Cardi B's Attempt To Trademark 'Okurrr'

July 2, 2019

Cardi B may have made ''Okurrr" famous, but she won't be capitalizing on it anytime soon. 

In an attempt to trademark the phrase, Cardi B and her team submitted a request to the U.S. Patent office back in March of 2019.  But in May, the patent office contacted Cardi letting them know the answer was no.  

"Registration is refused because the applied-for mark is a slogan or term that does not function as a trademark or service mark to indicate the source of applicant’s goods and/or services and to identify and distinguish them from others... In this case, the applied-for mark is a commonplace term, message, or expression widely used by a variety of sources that merely conveys an ordinary, familiar, well-recognized concept or sentiment." 

The office even cited other cases when companies tried to trademark a phrase that was commonplace such as Volvo attempting to trademark the widely used phrase "drive safely".  

Cardi B and her team were planning for the phrase to be used on several merchandise like "clothing, namely, T-shirts, sweatshirts, hooded sweatshirts, pants, shorts, jackets, footwear, headgear, namely hats and caps, blouses, bodysuits, dresses, jumpsuits, leggings, shirts, sweaters, undergarments."

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