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UK Airports Thinking Of Banning Morning Drinking In Terminals As Arrest Numbers Increase

Airport Travel In The UK Is About To Get Very Inconvenient

November 5, 2018

Traveling through UK airports is about to get a lot more frustrating. No, it has nothing to do with security, but instead the reports that officials are thinking about shutting down airport alcohol consumption in the mornings. The Home office plans to review licensing laws as it pertains drinking in terminals before a certain hour.

 Recently there has been a spike in airport arrests, due to alcohol consumption. As more arrests happen, it is on the burden of the airline, and is something they no longer want to deal with. According to Home Office minister Victoria Atkins, disruptive or drunken behavior on flights in unacceptable, and is what led to this potential decision.

In September, a warning went out to the public, that if anyone caused a flight to be diverted due to drunken behavior on a UK flight, that person could face fine up to 80,000 Euros. Just for being drunk on the plane, a person could also be fined 5,000 Euros, along with a potential stay in jail for up to two years. While these fines may seem harsh, the airlines want to prevent injury, or cause a uncomfortable situation for the other passengers.

While these warning were issued in September, it hasn’t seemed to stop the flow of drinking in airports, or the number of arrest due to over consumption. That same month, a flight to Ibiza returned to Manchester after only 36 minutes to do drunken behavior. Police arrested the woman who was drunk on the plane, and caused the aircraft to return.

In August of last year, a report shows that there was an increase of 70% in arrests due to drunken behavior on flights in UK airports. In a 12 month period, the amount of arrests rose from 225 to 387. While drinking makes airport travel less inconvenient for the passenger, clearly it makes things harder for the airlines, which is why this new rule may soon go into effect.

Via The Guardian