Uber/Lyft Driver Suspended After Live Streaming Passengers

July 24, 2018



This Missouri Uber/Lyft driver is suspended because he was live streaming his passengers without consent.

You remember the hit show Taxicab Confessions? Jason Gargac wanted the same thing in his own way. 

"I try to capture the natural interactions between myself and the passengers - what a Lyft and Uber ride actually is," he says.

Gargac live streamed his videos through Twitch, commonly used for video game users. During the live stream, the driver would get followers and are often commenting about the passengers behavior. 

"I feel violated. I'm embarrassed," says a female passenger. "We got in an Uber at 2 a.m. to be safe, and then I find out that because of that, everything I said in that car is online and people are watching me. It makes me sick."

What would you do if you were in this situation?