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Trent Reznor Changes His Mind On Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame After Inducting The Cure

October 30, 2019

Trent Reznor has had always expressed his negative feelings for the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

His views changed once he inducted The Cure earlier this year saying it would be an honor to be inducted.

“I wanted them to be inducted properly,...I walk out to do the induction, it’s loud applause for them and it seems real. They come up and I can see that Robert Smith is happy and the other guys in the band are all kind of freaked out. It felt validating. I wanted to see them respected someplace I feel they deserve. It ended up being a pretty cool experience and I thought, ‘Alright, it doesn’t feel as bulls**t as I kind of snarkily dismissed it as.’ I don’t have any problem admitting I’ve changed my opinion about something.” Trent Reznor said.

The 2020 induction ceremony is set for May at Cleveland’s Public Hall. HBO will broadcast the event later.

Via Yahoo