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Tickets To Avengers:Endgame Are Going On Ebay, Topping At $5K

April 3, 2019

If you're trying to see the anticipated movie Avengers Endgame in theaters, well eBay is selling tickets, for TOP DOLLAR.

They're a few people out there who are trying to get money from die hard fans to go watch the movie.

According to ScreenGeek, tickets are being resold between $25 to $5,000! Yes, the comma is in the right place, $5K! 

Reselling tickets through eBay and selling them for top dollar isn't illegal, but die hard fans have waited so long to buy these tickets. Though, they're some people who are trying to make extra money and aren't even going to see the movie.

Click here, to check out the crazy prices people are asking for on the night the movie releases. 


via ScreenGeek