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2019 Will Be Bringing A Super Blood Wolf Moon Eclipse To The Night Sky

The Night Time Sighting Will Begin On January 20th, 2019

December 27, 2018

With New Year’s Eve upon us, it is time to start saying goodbye to 2018, and hello to 2019. Next year will be starting off with a bang, with a rare spectacle in the sky. While this past year brought us a rare solar eclipse, and a number of beautiful moon visuals, 2019 is starting off with a great wonder in the night sky, with the perfect name to match; a super blood wolf moon eclipse.

On January 20th, a number of different occurrences will happen in the night sky. It starts with a total lunar eclipse, also known as blood moon. That will be combined with a supermoon, which will be visible throughout the United States. This event will begin late at night on the 20th, and will continue throughout the night, into the early morning of January 21st.

A total lunar eclipse occurs when the moon passes fully into the shadow of the Earth, and a supermoon is the time of the month when the moon is at its closest point to Earth’s orbit. This will also be 2019’s first full moon, which of course is known as a wolf moon.

While this occurrence isn’t extremely rare, Brian Murphy, who is the director of the Holcomb Observatory & Planetarium, as well as being a professor at Butler University, says “In clear weather, half the Earth can see it.” On average, each year sees two lunar eclipses, with total lunar eclipses happening every two years. For this occasion, Asia, Australia and India will be missing out.

Of course the best part of this moon sighting is the wild name that comes with it. Wolf moon and supermoon are already awesome enough, but add in the lunar eclipse aspect, and it will be something worth not missing out on. The super blood wolf moon eclipse will be a great way to start off the new year, and hopefully will end some bad omens for people that had a rough 2018.

Via USA Today