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High School Student from Justin Creates Prosthetic for Fellow Marching Band Student

September 18, 2019

15 year old Tabetha Noel-Ratcliff just had her hopes to play in the high school band granted thanks to a fellow student.  

Tabetha was born with symbrachydactyly or more simply put a hand deformity.  She can control her right arm without issue, but getting her hand and fingers aren't developed.  And that's where Clark Strong comes in.  

Clark decided to take it upon himself to make Tabetha's wish come true by 3d printing a prosthetic that would help her play the mellophone which is a smaller version of the french horn typically played in a marching band.  

“I just wanted to be in band,” Noel-Ratcliff said. “Didn’t want to do choir. Didn’t want to do any of the other stuff. I wanted to do band.”  

“It was an exciting challenge, and I was ready to get into it,” said Clark.  “I did it on my own time in between homework and studying,” Clark continued.  

“To know that you’re able to help someone, it’s very rewarding,” Clark added. “And then to see that what you did, and how it’s able to help them actually in the field, it’s the greatest feeling.”

“If there weren’t people that did stuff out of the kindness of their heart, I wouldn’t have a prosthetic,” Tabetha said. “I wouldn’t be doing as good in band.”

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